I must be the worst person to subscribe to if you are interested in blogs. I am so erratic. Some days I will write a great deal and then nothing will happen for months. This does not mean that nothing is happening, actually a great deal is happening. I have just moved into my new home in England and I have been so busy with remaking furniture and bringing it back to life. Painting has actually taken a back seat, but it has been a well deserved break. In the break from oil painting I have been researching the qualities of house hold paint. What are the limitations how can it be modified and can it be pushed into other areas of my work. Not in terms of Jackson Pollock and painting on bed sheets but can I use my skills in painting on a different format. This might seem like an obvious answer (of course you can) but where will it fit in? 

With the new house i finally get a full time studio ( yet to be made up) it is quite large and I cannot wait to set it up properly. Working out of several studios is difficult. Materials are spread about work which you want to complete is in a different location and it becomes difficult feel settled. However, this is about to change.
I have been working on a series of work based on my extensive travelling. This has been interesting, delving back into memories and photographs trying to recall what was it that drew me to that particular place. This is exactly what I am noticing now. For the past seven years I have been coming to Connecticut. Sitting in the same garden. Having jet lag and waking up before sunrise. The garden reminds me of a Peter Doig painting looking through the woods. The familiar scenery makes me relax the closeness to nature makes me reflect and I am happy to be back. 
I am exploring new galleries to exhibit it whilst over here. What is the market like and the logistics of developing my career over here. All very exciting in this month of a working holiday.
I hope that the end of July is fantastic and August is even better.