New work for 2016

My new work has been exploring places that I have visited and memories that I have taken away from these places. I have recently been travelling a great deal and I find the reflection process post trip an interesting experience.

What are the clear memories that we take away when we visit a particular place? It might not be the most beautiful scenery, or the famous monuments and tourist attractions. It might simply be a space, a moment that might seem trivia at the time but upon deeper reflection important. The start of my new work focuses on Iceland which I visited for a short time at the end of October 2015. It was a land of stark contrasts and dramatic landscapes. From flat plaines to huge waterfalls. The landscape is directly effected by the weather and it was this I wanted to capture within my work. The textures, colours and movement of light. How the mist, fog and water vapour disguised landscapes and removed information and the full picture. But also how the landscape was used and is used to fuel the economy. How the earths energy is harnessed and how the citizens of the country live with and work with the land in which they belong. It was all of these different influences and experiences that I was trying to capture within the work.

The start of this series will soon be available to view on my website and even though this is only the start as I switch from destination to destination, recalling experiences I have felt on my travels. I feel that this is an exciting time within my work.